How to Get Your Home Ready for Sale

Did you know that good home staging can increase your sale price by 6-10%?

If your home is worth around $300,00, that could mean $18,000 to $30,000 more in your wallet. Clearly, you have incentive to get your home ready for sale.

Before you sell a place, you should learn how to increase the value of your home. Because your research and work could pay off for you.

This guide details how to get your home ready for sale. This way, you can sell your home quickly and at maximum profit.

Make the Right Home Upgrades

Want to know how to increase home value?

The best way is through worthwhile fixes and enhancements. Follow the three R’s of prepping your home for sale:

  • Remove: Get rid of the clutter. If you want to sell your home successfully, it must look spacious and clean.

  • Renew: Make the property look like a showcase. For instance, a fresh coat of paint can dramatically improve a home’s look.

  • Repair: Chipped paint, squeaky hinges, leaky faucets, etc. Fix everything that you can. If you need a contractor, ask your agent to recommend one.

Of course, repairs can get more costly than necessary. Focus on the repairs that deliver the best resale value. Historically, that includes updates like remodeling the bathroom, modernizing the kitchen, replacing an old HVAC system, and getting new carpets.

Enhancing energy efficiency can drive your home’s value up as well. In comparison to non-energy efficient homes, energy-efficient homes have a 10-15% higher value. Updating appliances, installing high-performance windows, and putting in LED lighting could improve your home’s energy efficiency and generate higher offers.

For example, at DLP Realty, we’ve found the following six enhancements could get you 3% more than your asking price:

“Ideally, you want your home to look like a showcase,” says Jonathan Campbell, Vice President of Sales at DLP Realty.

“This is more important than you might think. How your home shows — today — is how people see themselves in it,” adds Campbell.

That means how your home looks directly correlates to the price you get. If folks can’t see past the leaks, clutter, and stains, they’ll focus on those things. Neglect to make the right upgrades, and you won’t get the profits you seek.

“Conversely, make the right upgrades with solid budgeting in mind, and you’ll sell your home at maximum profit. They can’t see past the leaks, clutter, and stains. In fact, they tend to focus even more on those things.”

Follow the Best Home Staging Tips

Most real estate experts agree following certain home staging tips can help you increase home value at sale. These include:

  • Enhancing your home’s focal points, like the master bedroom and kitchen

  • Amplifying curb appeal by planting flowers, mowing the lawn, trimming shrubs, etc

  • Tidying up so your home is clean, clutter-free, and shiny

  • Remaining neutral with paint shades (bold colors may attract some, but could turn away other buyers)

  • Rearranging your furniture to maximize spacing

  • Adding lively touches, such as more plants and artwork

  • Fixing tiny imperfections, like small holes in the wall

“The more inviting the home, the more likely the buyer is to make an offer,” says Campbell.

So, make your potential guests feel at home. Put personal items, such as family photos, away before showings. Open curtains and blinds to boost natural lighting. And leave out helpful information, such as a brochure about the local neighborhood.

This way, buyers can imagine themselves living there, sending their children to school, relaxing at home, going out on Friday night, and more!

Follow the Best Home Staging Tips Be a Good Seller

First and foremost, market your home properly. These days, that involves more than sticking your sign in the yard and listing on MLS. You require a strategic action plan.

As the success managers at DLP Realty advise, you also need:

  • Amazing photos: A picture says a thousand words.

  • Social media marketing: A good buyer could scroll through your social media feed at any time, or could already be in your extended network. You can employ the power of your agent’s network as well.

  • Videos: Did you know 86% of home shoppers would like to view videos of the home on YouTube or another platform?

  • Website listings: 90% of home buyers start their search online.

Additionally, if you want to sell your home successfully, be flexible during the process. Work with your real estate agent to ensure all showings can be accomplished.

“Restricting viewing times to certain times on the weekends will seriously limit the number of buyers able to see your home,” warns Campbell. “That’s why I advise clients to schedule viewings as often as possible.”

Also, try your best to not be there during a showing. If that means having to go out for a walk while your agent shows the home, do it! You don’t want to miss out on a potential offer.

Follow the Best Home Staging Tips Be a Good Seller

A home is the most important investment most people ever make. When you sell your home, you should take the time to do it right. If you want to sell your home for maximum profit, follow these tips on how to increase home value, how to get your home ready for sale, and how to stage your home.

Of course, this process can get complex and tiresome. There’s a lot of work involved. When selling your home, it also pays to partner with the right people. That means hiring not just any real estate agent, but also one committed to your success.

Because if you want to sell your home quickly and at maximum profit, you can’t do it alone. And you can’t do it with any real estate agent. Learn how to hire the right real estate agent, one that can increase your home’s value and deliver suitable buyers.

At DLP Realty, we have success managers ready to help you learn how to get your home ready for sale. Not only do we go the extra mile to get you real buyers and top offers, but we also have programs to deliver the results you want.