How to Price Your Home for a Quick Sale and Maximum Profit

What if you could sell your home fast and for more money?

That sounds ideal. The good news is it’s possible.

By starting the process as soon as possible, educating yourself, and partnering with the right people, you can sell your house fast and at the best price possible. And you can avoid the real estate catch-22: buying a new home before selling and getting stuck with two homes.

This guide details how to price your home so that you can find a buyer quickly and get the highest offer possible.

Research the Value of Your Home

Learn how to price your home. Because it’s an art. And you must get it right.

Remember: How you price your home could determine how fast it sells. Research shows the average home stays on the market for about 68 days. Overpriced homes typically take longer to move.

So, how do you price your home? The truth is it can get tricky. Price too low, and you won’t get the money you should. Price too high, and you won’t get the offers you could.

If you want to sell your house fast, then thoroughly understand the value of your home. You should:

  1. Research your area. What have similar homes sold for? How long did it take them to sell? What was the condition of the other homes?

  2. Evaluate your home. Is your home more attractive to buyers than similar homes in the neighborhood? Could you price it higher? What differentiates your property compared to the other homes on the market?

  3. Get estimates from local real estate experts. If you get multiple estimates, what’s the price range? Also, ask experts questions like:

    • How much could home staging increase the sale price?

    • Are repairs and upgrades worth it? How much would something like a kitchen remodel to increase the value? You don’t want to overspend on enhancements, but you also don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to get a higher offer. It’s a fine line, and experts can help.

    • What marketing plan can deliver more qualified buyers? It’s more than just a sign in your yard and MLS listing. You need a marketing plan that reaches all qualified and interested buyers.

It’s not easy. But the work is worth it. To sell your house fast, price it right the first time. This will result in more showings and offers, and ultimately you getting the highest price for your home.

Partner with the Right People

Want to know how to sell your home for more money?

Hire the right agent.

When you work with a local real estate agent, you need someone who aligns their goals with yours. Some agents are focused on making a quick sale (which you want), but they also may drop your price lower than you desire (and you don’t want that).

“Agents should consider your unique needs to determine the most accurate pricing. Finding the optimal price requires expertise and analysis, of course. But you also need old-fashioned street smarts and communication with sellers. The ultimate goal in pricing is having qualified buyers to purchase the home,” says Jonathan Campbell, Vice President of Sales at DLP Realty.

If you want to sell your home quickly and at the best price possible, look for realtors that not only know how to make your listing stand out, but also possess the knowledge and skills to attract higher offers. They should also personalize the listing to match your needs.

For example, with DLP Realty, you don’t hire a real estate agent. You work with a success manager. Our success managers have a high level of local knowledge and even know how much off-market homes have sold for. This deep level of local knowledge helps with knowing how to price your home for a quick sale and maximum profit (the best of both worlds).

By aligning yourself with a local expert like a success manager at DLP Realty, you can see how you can make your listing stand out. That’s crucial because even 1% more for your home could equate to thousands more in your wallet.

“You also need agents that are in constant contact with active buyers. At DLP Realty, we have a team of inside sales agents who communicate with a network of buyers and investors. If you want to sell your house fast, they can introduce buyers who would have an interest in your property,” adds Campbell.

Master the Negotiation to Sell Your Home for More Money

Did you know that 40% of Americans don’t think they’re good negotiators?

The fact is: negotiation can become difficult and uncomfortable, especially when selling a home.  And there are a lot of moving pieces.

You certainly don’t want to lose money by losing the negotiation. That’s why you must learn more about the negotiation process. Even if you feel you can hold your own at the negotiation table, having a professional by your side during contract talks can put you in a better position for success.

In addition to price (the biggest point), you must consider:

  • Deposit: How much is it? Who receives it?

  • Down Payment: What percent is being offered upfront? If not cash, what’s being offered? Is this a new first loan for the buyer?

  • Occupancy: Do you have to vacate the residence at a certain date? If you plan to move to a new home, this is something to consider (especially if you don’t want to get stuck staying with relatives).

  • Contingencies: Is the buyer making an offer contingent on financing approval? Is the offer contingent on approving your disclosures and professional inspections? Is everything reasonable?

Don’t expect the perfect offer—unless it’s a true seller’s market. You’re going to have to counteroffer and negotiate well if you want to sell your home quickly and at a high price.

Also, remember that price isn’t the only thing. You can negotiate contingencies, closing dates, and additional perks, like appliances included with the home. Calculate the value of these other conditions so that you know how to negotiate them and get the return on investment that you seek.

If you don’t feel particularly skilled at negotiation, it’s even more paramount to work with an expert. They can weave through multiple offers, negotiate with the most attractive buyers, and get you the highest price and most ideal terms and conditions.

“Negotiating is a skill set that is difficult to master. That is why it is important that you have a skilled success manager handle this for you—someone who works for your best interests,” advises Campbell.

Sell Your Home Fast with DLP’s Innovative Solutions

What happens if it still takes longer than expected to sell your home?

If you are in the process of buying a new home, that could present you with a troubling situation. You could wind up in a catch-22 situation. And you don’t want to get stuck owning two homes. That’s two mortgages, taxes for two properties, and double the utility bills.

If that happens, you need other options. If you truly want to sell your home fast and at the best price, we can help.

At DLP Realty, we have solution-focused programs to get you an offer within the time you need. These include:

  • DLP Realty Guaranteed Sale Program: We’ll sell your home within 34 days—guaranteed. If we don’t, we’ll buy it. Now that’s peace of mind.

  • DLP Realty Immediate Buyout Program: Get a cash offer within 24 hours. And get cash in your pocket within 7 days. That means no showings, no repairs, and no hassle.

  • Trade-Up Program: Ready to upgrade to a new home? When you buy a home with DLP Realty, we’ll buy your current home. That takes away a lot of stress and work.

  • Elite Preferred Buyer Program: Become a DLP Elite Preferred Buyer, and enjoy perks like the 24-month Love It or Leave It Guarantee and access to off-market properties. This program makes selling your home and buying a new one go much more smoothly.

Want to learn more? At DLP Realty, we’ll teach you how to price your home and go the extra mile to sell your home fast and for the highest price possible. We also have programs that guarantee that you get the results you want.