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What Are the Biggest Costs of Selling a Home?

Katherine Santiago

Katherine holds a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communications with a minor in Business from Penn State University...

Katherine holds a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communications with a minor in Business from Penn State University...

Oct 11 3 minutes read

Finding a buyer for your home who is willing to pay your asking price can be exciting. What is less exciting, however, is realizing just how much it will actually cost you to get that sale. To eliminate any unpleasant surprises, here are the biggest expenses you’ll face.

Commission Costs

Although well worth it to have a real estate expert guiding you through the home sale process, agent commissions will likely be your biggest expense when selling your home. You’ll typically end up paying your real estate agent about 6% of your home’s sale price.

Seller’s Assist

A seller’s assist, or seller’s concession, is when the seller pays a portion of the buyer’s closing expenses, up to 6% of the sale price.


Whether bringing a home up to code or just increase its resale value, repairs of some sort are almost always necessary. Kitchen and bathroom remodels can add value, but also add expense. 

Taxes/Insurance/Holding Costs

When you have an ownership overlap, you’ll have the burden of paying the expenses for both homes, including mortgages, utilities, and taxes. Obviously, the longer it takes to find a buyer, the more these expenses add up.


Making a great first impression is critical to attracting buyers. While simply cleaning your home can make a big difference, paying for professional staging can really make your home stand out in photos and in person.

You Can Eliminate All The Costs!

As you can see, the costs of selling a home can add up quickly. But there is a way to eliminate ALL of these costs. Watch our free webinar What Does It Cost to Buy or Sell a Home?” and learn from our team of experts exactly how much it will cost you to buy and sell, as well as how those costs can actually be eliminated!

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